OREANDA-NEWSA U.S. court has allowed Apple not to return Epic Games' popular Fortnite to its App Store.

However, District Judge Yvonne Gonzalez Rogers granted Epic's request, granting Apple a temporary ban on disabling the company's accounts and restricting the use of Epic's Unreal Engine by not allowing Epic Games to block developer tools. Otherwise, publishers of other games based on the Unreal Engine would have problems.

Rogers warned that the interim ban would not determine the outcome of the proceedings and that she was just beginning to study the case.

"Epic Games and Apple have the right to sue each other, but their conflict should not wreak havoc around others," Rogers wrote.

Epic violated agreements with Apple by trying to make money from Fortnite purchases while gaining free access to the tech company's platform, but did not violate agreements regarding Unreal Engine and development tools, Rogers ruled.

Epic filed lawsuits against Apple and Alphabet in August, accusing the companies of violating antitrust laws.

The decision was made after Apple and Google removed the Fortnite game from their app stores due to the fact that the company encouraged users to make in-game purchases directly, which would lower their cost.