OREANDA-NEWS. As Sputnik Armenia agency reports, referring to the faction colleague of the injured official, Deputy of the National Assembly of Armenia from the ruling My Step faction, chairman of the Yerkrapah Union of Volunteers Sasun Mikaelyan was wounded during the hostilities in Karabakh.

The agency says, that Mikaelyan was wounded by shrapnel. Fortunately, nothing threatens his life now. He is currently in a Yerevan hospital.

It should be recalled that the fighting on the line of contact in Nagorno-Karabakh began on September 27. Armenia and Azerbaijan accuse each other of unleashing hostilities, in Karabakh they report artillery shelling of peaceful settlements of the unrecognized republic, including its capital, Stepanakert.

After these events, Armenia declared martial law and - for the first time - a general mobilization, claiming that Ankara is actively supporting Baku. Partial mobilization was introduced in Azerbaijan and martial law in some places. The leaders of Russia, the United States and France called on the opposing sides to stop clashes and to undertake to start negotiations without preconditions.

By now, two attempts have been made to peacefully resolve the military conflict. In particular, on October 9, the Foreign Ministers of Armenia and Azerbaijan, with the assistance of the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Russia, agreed to cease fire in Karabakh from noon on October 10, exchange prisoners and bodies of the dead, and additionally agree on specific details of the truce. However, on the same day, data on the violation of the truce by both sides appeared.

The second attempt to conclude a truce between the warring parties was made only recently, on the night of October 18, however, just a few hours after the ceasefire came into force, Armenia and Azerbaijan declared that the other side had not complied with it.