OREANDA-NEWS. Prime Minister Pavel Filip urged Diaspora to support Moldova's European way, joining efforts with the government to implement the objectives of improving the citizens’ lives. The appeal was launched at the opening of the seventh edition of Diaspora Congress, which was attended by Moldovans established in 28 countries.

The Prime Minister outlined that during 2016 there have been worked hard to regain the trust of citizens and development partners in state institutions, and the results are already visible. "We became credible in the eyes of foreign partners, we are genuine partners of the European Union, the International Monetary Fund will lend a substantial amount, Romania agreed the loan to Moldova, the World Bank is ready to provide further loans, so the positive examples can continue and they certainly will proceed," said the head of the Cabinet.

However, Pavel Filip pointed out that the actions on behalf of the government are moving towards the implementation of several important reforms that aim to change the quality of life in Moldova and to convince the Moldovans who left to return to Moldova. Meanwhile, authorities are open to dialogue and will provide all necessary support to help migrants to reintegrate into the society. "Personally, I have a great desire that you, the Moldovans of Diaspora, come back home, open new businesses, invest. Together we can and must bring up Moldova, we have a duty to the family and the country where we grew up," the Premier said.

Finally, the Prime Minister thanked the representatives of Diaspora for the fact that they promote Moldova with dignity over its borders, thus becoming genuine ambassadors of the country. The head of the Executive urged them to be actively involved in developing and implementing the state policies and come up with proposals to improve the situation in Moldova.

"I want to ask you one thing and to convey to you: trust in Moldova because it is stable, it becomes predictable and it is developing. I want us to become a success story again. We still have a lot of work and we are aware of this fact, but at the same time, there is the capacity and potential to unite our forces and to manage to turn the Moldovan dream into reality," concluded Pavel Filip.

At their turn, the Diaspora representatives spoke about the problems and challenges they face, about the importance of harnessing the intellectual potential of Diaspora and its involvement in state activity. Also, they manifested themselves open to participate in the development strategies of Moldova and made a series of proposals to modernize the country by taking international best practices in various fields.

The Diaspora Congress is held every two years and it is organized by the Office for Relations with Diaspora under the auspices of the Government. This Congress is a platform for dialogue between the Diaspora representatives and the Government of Moldova on policies for Diaspora, the impact of migration on the economic, social, academic and political situation in the country and the impact of policies developed by the Government upon Diaspora.