OREANDA-NEWS. It has been reported in the media recently that NDMC has since January 2016 issued 52 notices to Rashtrapati Bhavan in connection with potential conditions within President’s Estate which may lead to breeding of mosquitoes.

The Rashtrapati Bhavan is fully conscious of the need to prevent breeding of mosquitoes within the Estate and ensure there are no stagnant pools of water.

Corrective measures required in pursuance to the notices have been immediately taken. Specialist Inspection teams have been formed to identify any violation of instructions relating to prevention of dengue and other water-bound diseases by residents of the President’s Estate. These teams are conducting house to house searches for any mosquito-breeding possibilities and taking immediate remedial measures.

No case of dengue has been reported from the President’s Estate till date. Rashtrapati Bhavan will continue to work in close cooperation with NDMC to ensure that utmost vigilance is maintained and all possible precautionary measures are taken in the above regard.