OREANDA-NEWS. Baku Higher Oil School (BHOS) held a ceremonious event on the occasion of the start of academic year 2016/2017. Rovnag Abdullayev, the President of SOCAR, Gordon Birrell, BP Regional President for Azerbaijan, Georgia and Turkey, Dr. Carole Crofts, the UK Ambassador to Azerbaijan, as well as vise-presidents and managerial staff of SOCAR, the directors of various national and international companies attended the ceremony together with the BHOS faculty, students and their parents. Before the opening, the guests paid tribute to the memory of National Leader Heydar Aliyev laying flowers at his bust located in the school building.

Opening the ceremony Elmar Gasimov, Rector of BHOS welcomed the guests and expressed his honor of meeting them at the ceremony. He extended his wishes of congratulation to the students admitted to BHOS with high scores, as well as to their parents on the occasion of the beginning of the new academic year. Briefing on the achievements and implemented activities within a short period of time, as well as the perspectives, the Rector said that this academic year the average entrance score to BHOS in specialization group No.1 constituted a total of 667 points. He also underlined that two students with the maximum entrance score of 700 points selected BHOS. Emphasizing the decree on establishment of BHOS issued by Ilham Aliyev, the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan, Rector Gasimov said that the higher school was a model demonstrating the realization of the motto “We have to transform our oil capital to the development of human resources” in practice. The Rector also extended his sincere congratulations to all Azerbaijani oil workers on the occasion of the forthcoming National Oil Workers Day celebrated on September 20th and expressed his strong belief in further contributions to this sector by the BHOS students. He also said that a total of 18 students admitted to BHOS this academic year had been awarded the Presidential Scholarship.

SOCAR President Rovnag Abdullayev congratulated the BHOS staff, students and their parents on the occasion of the beginning of the new academic year. He said that within a short time a wide range of measures have been implemented to ensure the development of the infrastructure and highly qualified human resources of the school established according to the Presidential decree, which resulted in great success. Mr. Abdullayev expressed his strong belief in continuation and further expansion of these activities in academic year 2016/2017, while calling the students to take a more active part in this process. He congratulated the freshmen and their parents.