OREANDA-NEWS. President of Latvia Raimonds Vējonis expressed the following proposals at the Arraiolos group meeting ongoing in Bulgaria on opportunities to build confidence in the EU: to make the European Union less bureaucratic and more understandable to its citizens, to define a clearer vision on the future of Europe, and to strengthen the security of the EU, joint counter-terrorism measures, and co-operation with NATO. 

“Regardless of the existing circumstances challenging the foundations of the European project, we still must defend our common values like freedom, security, and justice. We must move forward with the issues of employment, growth, and competitiveness. There is a need to strengthen our union of freedom, security, and justice,” stressed Raimonds Vējonis. 

The President of Latvia pointed out that the European Union had faced with complicated crises in the past as well, but solution was found eventually. “I am convinced that based of unity, solidarity, and consensus, the European Union will be strong enough to overcome the existing difficulties. The EU project simply does not have any other alternative,” told the President of Latvia. 

When talking about strengthening the security of the EU, Raimonds Vējonis admitted the need to improve the management of external borders and to promote co-operation with key third countries. He also emphasized the crucial EU-NATO cooperation, which would create synergy rather than overlap with the NATO objectives. 

At the Arraiolos meeting, Presidents also discussed historical transformation process of the Balkan region by becoming an integral part of a united Europe. Raimonds Vējonis confirmed the necessity for a strong EU presence in the Balkan region in order to maintain support for the European perspective in the region.