OREANDA-NEWS. President Petro Poroshenko emphasizes that there are no more “zones of comfort”, where one could hide from modern shocks and challenges in today’s globalized world.

“It is high time to understand that there is no more “zones of comfort”, where one could hide from modern shocks and challenges in today’s globalized world. When one State attempts with impunity to appropriate part of a sovereign territory of another State this has to be a challenge and threat for all others. Otherwise, no one can guarantee that tomorrow someone does not try to do the same against you,” the President said at the 13th Yalta European Strategy Annual Meeting (YES) “The World, Europe and Ukraine: storms of changes”.

“When meeting my foreign partners I am frequently asked about what else the world may do to help Ukraine. First of all, wake up finally and look at an objective reality around us. It is not only against Ukraine, but against the West, that a real wide-scale war is ongoing. Its name is “a hybrid war”. And we have no right any longer to pretend that nothing is going on,” he said.

The President noted that a year ago considerable number of western politicians and journalists could hardly imagine how the world would look like today. Burning conflict in the Middle East, large-scale Russian military exercises on the eastern NATO borders and continuation of the Russian aggression in Donbas, threatening waves of migrants, escalation of terrorism, blossom of populism and ultra-right extremism, large-scale targeted propaganda have become characteristic features of today.

“Democratic world is losing control over its own values. The Russian propaganda does not only use weak spots of the West. It has sated the West with its paranoid ideas. It transforms the marginal streams into mainstreams,” the Head of State said.

“Russia tries to get into the head of the western civilization: Euroscepticism, anti-Americanism, isolationism are destroying the current coordinate system of the Western civilization. Such concept as “zone of influence” is back again,” the President emphasized.

“Hundreds of millions of dollars are flowing to the West to support national egoism and integration’s fatigue, hatred, intolerance. I can say that I personally acquainted myself with solid works of Kremlin’s strategists concerning realization of the next “exits”, bringing to power new political projects aimed to change pro-European political elites, undermine western values, and ruin the unity of the European Union and transatlantic Alliance,” he added.

“The result – a chance to build an “alternative” Europe has turned up. Europe built on egoism, populism and cynicism,” the President stressed and added that with the elections in the key European capitals, appearance of an entirely new Europe would be possible. Next months will become the moment of truth for the West.