OREANDA-NEWS. People are not required to state their opinion on the Government or Viktor Orbán, but may decide on their own fate at the referendum of 2 October, the Minister heading the Prime Minister’s Office pointed out.

János Lázár stressed at the street forum organised in a village with a population of five hundred in Csongrád County that the referendum is not about the 2018 parliamentary elections, and is not about party issues: the people will have an opportunity to decide what kind of a country their children and grandchildren should grow up in.

The politician, who is also the constituency’s Member of Parliament, therefore requested every member of his audience of some fifty to attend the referendum, regardless of the political forces they may have supported in the past.

We must decide on 2 October whether we should open the borders, or whether they should remain closed, whether we should take people in, and whether we want to take care of them and to accept responsibility for them, Mr Lázár stressed.

The politician further said that among those arriving at our borders there are, indeed, people who need help, but they must be helped where they were born, and we must create adequate living conditions in their native regions so that they should not be compelled to leave.

However, 95 per cent of those arriving at the Hungarian border this year have set out because they want to have a better life, and would like social benefits, housing, jobs and a better living, Mr Lázár stated.

The Minister said that if Germany or Austria decides to invite these people because they need them, they should do so at their own expense.

But it is simply inconceivable that Germany should select from among the one million immigrants arriving in its territory whom they see fit and whose work force they need and should distribute the rest, and we end up with 100,000 people for whom we should provide housing and social care, he added.

The Government is prepared for building a system of fences on the entire Romanian-Hungarian border section – should the need arise – because yet another wave of immigration may reach the country in the autumn months, the Minister said. He added: they are working together with the Romanian Government in order to avoid this.

There are relatively few immigrants arriving from the Balkans at this point in time because several countries have physically sealed their borders. The Serbian-Hungarian border section is protected by some eight thousand police and military personnel. However, the problem has not been resolved in Libya, and there are millions waiting in Turkey and Greece to set out, he added.

At the forum which attracted significant press attention Mr Lázár said that there are 19 localities in his constituency, and he will hold public forums in every one of these in the next few days in order to convince the people in person of the importance of the referendum.