OREANDA-NEWS. One day before the summit in Bratislava, Denmark, Sweden, Finland and Norway instituted proceedings against Hungary because we do not want to take in migrants from them, János Lázár, the Minister heading the Prime Minister’s Office told the newspaper Magyar Nemzet in its Tuesday issue.

At the October meeting of the European Council, the heads of government will also officially discuss the regulation of immigration; however, for the time being, there are only fancy words, and meanwhile they count and distribute immigrants, the Minister said. He added: Sweden, Germany and Austria have already indicated that they wish to send immigrants back to Hungary.

He reiterated: as part of the Bratislava summit, leaders also discussed in which direction the Member States should move with respect to the issue of migration. They stated that the protection of the borders must be reinforced, but this does not guarantee that there will be fewer immigrants to be taken in. The Minister pointed out: the direction is what matters, and on that Hungary agrees with Slovakia, the Czech Republic and Poland.

Regarding settlement bonds, he said: they convey no national security risks, and there is no threat that the bonds would be purchased by people who committed or are suspected of having committed crimes.

The purpose of the bonds is to attract economic investors to Hungary, he added.