OREANDA-NEWS. Not all illegal migrants are terrorists, but it is also a fact that a very large number of terrorists are illegal migrants, the Interior Minister said before an audience of some 150 in the conference room of the Várpalota Thury Castle on Thursday.

Sándor Pintér said: secret service investigations conducted under Belgian supervision have proved that several of the perpetrators of the Brussels and Paris attacks arrived in the European Union via Hungary.

The young man who carried out the assault with a knife and meat cleaver in Germany, too, was registered in Hungary, and moved from the Fót children’s centre to Germany, he added.

The Interior Minister highlighted: while in 2014 44,000 people arrived in the European Union via Hungary, this number increased to 391,000 in 2015. At the same time, the fact that migrants arrived from 104 countries last year indicates according to the politician that this is not about wars waged in one country or another and the populations of those countries fleeing the horrors of war. This is about the fact that the European Union and its social care system have become an attractive target for them.

Mr Pintér said that diseases have been diagnosed in the individuals who were subjected to health care examinations at the borders which have been extinct in Hungary for a long time. Several types of skin diseases and infectious illnesses have also been diagnosed. Additionally, as the people coming via the green border cannot be identified, we have no information of any kind regarding their prior lives, he added.

The Interior Minister believes that the culture of the masses of people coming from 104 countries, too, is different from that of Hungary and Europe, which creates conflicts. He further mentioned that the harassment of women has become a frequent occurrence, along with crimes prompted by everyday necessities.

„If we want to spare our former mentality and culture from harm, we must say: only those should be allowed in whom we register, about whom we know that they are genuine refugees, and who observe our laws to the letter”, he said. He added: „we would not under any circumstances like” this to be decided for us somewhere abroad, and to allow people in without controls of any kind: „we must protect the country from this”.