OREANDA-NEWSThe United States is trying to achieve its goals in the framework of the Geneva process for the Syrian settlement, so this format has failed. This was stated by Syrian President Bashar Assad in an interview with the Russian television channel. "This is an American ploy. This is an achievement of a policy that they could not pursue with the help of demonstrations first, and then with the help of terrorists", he said.

According to Assad, the Geneva process didn't prove its worth and failed. "His goal was to remove the government through the creation of a transitional body. And then peacefully change the government and control Syria, as they did in many other countries", the president explained.

According to Assad, the United States is concerned that they may lose world hegemony, so they decided to fight Russia, Iran and Syria. "They are the United States waging a war of survival. From their point of view, they can lose their hegemony. Therefore, they decided to fight with Russia, Iranians and Syrians", he said. Assad believes that the province of Idlib will soon be freed from terrorists. "The release of Idlib won't take much time. Our plan is to give civilians a chance to leave the area", Assad said.