OREANDA-NEWSSyrian President Bashar al-Assad has accused Turkey of expansionist plans in relation to the northern regions of the country. The Syrian news agency reported this, he said on Tuesday during a visit to the Syrian troops on one of the sections of the front in Idlib province.

"The Turkish president stole its oil and wheat from Syria, and also removed the plants from Aleppo, and now Tayyip Erdogan wants to steal part of Syrian land with its natural wealth", the agency quoted the Syrian leader. As Assad emphasized, for Syria "every piece of its land is equally important, so the development of the military situation is of paramount importance".

"We talked and continue to say that the battle in Idlib is crucial and will put an end to anarchy and terrorism in all parts of Syria", Assad said, referring to the military. Since October 9, Turkey has been conducting Operation Source of Peace in Syria, the purpose of which is to announce the return of Syrian refugees to their homeland and ensuring peace in the region.