OREANDA-NEWS. The Austrian authorities will not accept any refugees from Afghanistan. This was stated by the country's Chancellor Sebastian Kurz in an interview with the newspaper La Stampa. According to him, more than 44 thousand Afghans have arrived in Austria in recent years.

«Austria already has the fourth largest Afghan community in the world», Kurz said. He explained that the integration of Afghans is «very difficult». First of all, the difficulties are related to their level of education and differences in fundamental values.

On August 16, the «Taliban» movement (banned in the Russian Federation) finally captured the whole of Afghanistan, with the exception of Panjshir province, where the main forces of the Afghan resistance are located. The terrorist's negotiations with the opposition holding the province failed. After that, the radicals launched an offensive against the rebellious province.

After the capture of Panjshir, the «Taliban» announced the end of the war in Afghanistan. The militants later announced the formation of the composition of the interim government, in which the head of the movement, Mohammad Hassan Akhund, took the post of prime minister.