OREANDA-NEWS Bananas have become the main export product of Mexico for Russia, ahead of tequila, said in an interview chief coordinator for international Affairs of the Ministry of agriculture of Mexico Raul Urteaga.

He noted a "significant increase" in banana supplies to Russia. According to him, in 2012 "only 125 tons were exported, while in 2017 the volume of deliveries reached 7 thousand tons in the amount of 10.6 million dollars."

In this regard, according to him, bananas "have become the main export product of Mexico for Russia, exceeding the volume of other supplies, including beer and tequila."

As for the export of the famous Mexican alcoholic beverage, during the work of the new administration "Mexican export of tequila (to Russia) reached 3.3 million dollars in 2017 (513 thousand liters)", but Mexico should strengthen its campaigns to promote this product, as in previous years the volume of deliveries to the Russian market reached 54 million dollars."

In Russia, the bulk of bananas, as before, Ecuador supplies - about 1 million tons per year. In this country, the ideal climate for growing bananas, and the number of plantations there just rolls over. Some of them have already been bought by our Russian entrepreneurs who supply their products to Russia. Bananas are brought to Russia in green, then they undergo the procedure of aeration and get on the counter already yellow. The cost of grown bananas is low, so Ecuador is a leader among suppliers.

Due to its high nutritional value banana belongs to high-calorie dishes, but at the same time is considered a dietary fruit. It contains a large number of enzymes and malic acid. In the complex they improve digestion. Banana is rich in vitamin C, although it tastes quite acidic.