OREANDA-NEWS. The authorities of the district of the German federal state of Bavaria Berchtesgadener-Landsegost have imposed rather severe restrictions since October 20 due to the increase in the incidence of COVID-19, this happened for the first time since the beginning of the second wave of the pandemic in the country.

The new restrictions will be in effect for two weeks. Officially, the district authorities say that strict restrictions are being introduced to avoid a lockdown - a complete cessation of public life with restrictions on leaving the house. But on the eve of the Prime Minister of Bavaria, Markus Söder, announcing the introduction of new measures, said that they, in general, are the very strict quarantine, which they tried with all their might to avoid.

In accordance with the new restrictions, physical contact with other people should be kept to a minimum. The rules state that you can leave your home "for a good reason", including going to work, shopping, playing sports (group sports are not allowed), walking with children or other caregivers, including pets, to receive medical services, to visit relatives, including attending a funeral, which should be held in a narrow family circle.

In addition, all public events are prohibited. There are exceptions only for release meetings, but only if the organizers or leaders of religious institutions show that they are provided properly with infection safety measures.

Clubs, cinemas, saunas, museums, entertainment venues, schools and kindergartens will also have to stop working, and the work of catering establishments will be limited. In addition, the mask regime is strictly tightened.