OREANDA-NEWS. A number of European countries, under the influence of the United States, want to make small Belarus an "outcast" and destroy it, said the head of the republic's defense ministry Viktor Khrenin on Wednesday.

"Individual countries of Eastern Europe recklessly rushed into the" transatlantic embrace "of their American allies. Poland, the Baltic States and Ukraine are trading their sovereignty, offering rabid Russophobia as a commodity. Under this brand, American troops penetrate Eastern Europe, expand the zone of occupation. It is rapidly militarizing ... The logic of the occupation of European states by America becomes clear their reaction to the sovereign actions of the Republic of Belarus. Probably, the infringed national pride of the European countries, which do not have such a right to sovereignty under the conditions of actual occupation, is haunted. Therefore, there is a desire to make small Belarus a rogue state and destroy it " - said Khrenin at the IX Moscow Conference on International Security. The event is broadcast online.

As the minister pointed out, the toolkit of a hybrid war is being used, and "the main blow falls on the economy and everything that brings money."

In particular, Khrenin drew attention to the fact that at present a military base is being built in Poland, in addition, under the guise of protecting the Baltic, the tank battalions of the US armed forces "endlessly rotate a dozen kilometers from the border" of Belarus. Ukraine, according to the head of the Belarusian Defense Ministry," is calling British troops."

"At the same time, we are witnessing how the troops and forces of third countries are mastering the theater of possible future hostilities near our borders. Military budgets are growing, offensive weapons are being purchased at an accelerated pace," the head of the department added.