OREANDA-NEWSThe Belarusian Ambassador to Slovakia Igor Leshchenya (pictured), who previously supported the Belarusians who protested after the presidential elections, has submitted his resignation. This was announced by the diplomat himself.

“This is a logical step, since, as an ambassador, I have been appointed by the incumbent president and it is assumed that I must pursue a policy determined by him,” Leshchenya explained. According to him, the Belarusian Foreign Ministry considered that the diplomat's civic position, which he expressed in his statement, "went beyond this framework."

The Foreign Ministry of Belarus said that only the president makes such decisions, and so far no corresponding decree has been received.

On August 16, Leshchenya released a video message in which he spoke in support of citizens who took part in peaceful actions. He became the first of the heads of the Belarusian diplomatic missions to make such words. The diplomat said that he was amazed at reports of beatings and torture in Belarus, and a number of security officials in the republic "fully revived the traditions of the NKVD."

According to the diplomat, he wants to see for a strong Belarus, which is not subject to external influences, and also advises Lukashenka to hold new elections.