OREANDA-NEWS. USA President Joe Biden's aide who accompanied him on a European tour has tested positive for a coronavirus infection. This was reported by Bloomberg, citing a source.

According to the agency, this employee and several others from the US delegation remained in Scotland, where the climate summit was held, due to fears of further transmission of COVID-19.

The White House has confirmed to the Associated Press the information about the aide to the head of state who became infected. According to them, the coronavirus sufferer had no close contact with the president. The administration also noted that Biden tested negative for the coronavirus on November 2.

Earlier, on November 1, it was reported that USA White House press secretary Jen Psaki had been diagnosed with a coronavirus infection. The press secretary herself clarified that she had tested negative PCR tests for the coronavirus from October 27 to October 30, but tested positive on October 31.

According to Psaki, she decided not to travel abroad with Biden, and several members of her family were also found to have the coronavirus. The press secretary stressed, however, that she had not met with Biden or White House officials since October 27.

Following Psaki's infection, the White House reported that Biden had tested negative for the coronavirus.