OREANDA-NEWS. It was not the first time that US President Joe Biden was able to utter one of the words during his first keynote speech to Congress. The full recording of the speech was posted on the White House YouTube channel.

Thus, in the paragraph on relations with Russia, the American leader stumbled three times when pronouncing the word "escalation." In the performance of Biden it sounded like this: "As for Russia, I made it very clear to the President of Russia that although we are not seeking ex-ex-ex ... sorry, escalation, their actions have consequences."

Biden also made reservations in his previous speech on Russia. In particular, he confused the words "escalation" and "vaccination" and mispronounced the name of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

As for the assessment of the very content of the American president's speech, Deputy Speaker of the Federation Council of the Russian Federation Konstantin Kosachev said that US President Joe Biden's address to Congress creates a sense of a split in American thinking, when one part of them is formed by common sense, and the other by radicals from the special services and Congress.

The Russian senator wrote on Facebook about this: "Biden's speech again produces an ambivalent feeling. The feeling of a split in American brains. When one part of them is formed by common sense and understanding that there is no alternative to correcting American foreign policy, which has led the world into numerous dead ends. But when another is formed by radicals from the special services and Congress, who continue to invent mythical threats from the outside and intimidate the population, up to the president, with the impending collapse of American democracy and the leading positions of the United States in the world. "