OREANDA-NEWSBrazilian President Zhair Bolsonaru said that he would consult with Parliament about participating in an armed invasion of Venezuela if such a development followed. According to him, at present the Brazilian authorities are working with the US government to “sow discord” in the Venezuelan armed forces. Bolsonaru said that in case of military intervention in the Bolivarian Republic, he would turn to the Brazilian National Defense Council and ask for coordination of the actions of the authorities on this issue.

"We musn't allow Venezuela to become a new Cuba or North Korea," he said in an interview with radio station Jovem Pan. Currently, according to Bolsonar, Brazil is working with the United States to sow the split in the Venezuelan army.

Zhair Bolsonara, however, noted that if Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro is overthrown as a result of any foreign intervention, regardless of who comes to power, it is likely that a guerilla war will break out in the country, organized by supporters of the current president.

In January, Venezuelan presidential elections were held, in which Maduro won. Chairman of Parliament Guaydo refused to recognize the election results and declared himself president. Russia officially supported Maduro, while Western countries took the side of Guaydo. 

According to media reports, on March 29, the Brazilian Foreign Ministry called on Russia to “get out” from Venezuela. According to the head of the Brazilian Foreign Ministry, Russia, through its presence, allegedly helps to keep the legitimately elected president, Nicolas Maduro, in power. In this regard, Brazil calls on Russia to cease “intervention” in the affairs of the Bolivarian Republic. However, information about the Russian presence don't disappear.