OREANDA-NEWSThe British research group Forensic Architecture has collected evidence of the participation of the Russian military in the battles of Ilovaisk in August 2014, writes the English media. Analysts have found many satellite images with Russian armed convoys in Ukraine, as well as with T-72B3 tanks, which, as noted, at that time, were used only in the Russian armed forces.

A video released by Forensic Architecture says that the European Center for the Protection of Human Rights instructed researchers to "gather together all the evidence of Russia's military presence in the region" from open sources. In particular, it's alleged that on September 3, when the fighting ended, a convoy of military vehicles was spotted 10 km south of Ilovaisk. In addition, new vehicles and military camps were discovered in open sources, and at the end of August, images from the Russian side of the border showed the movement of a convoy moving away from Ukraine, the researchers said.

The battles near Ilovaisk occurred in August 2014. A large group of Ukrainian troops fell into the boiler, while trying to break through it suffered heavy losses. In a report on the investigation of the incident near Ilovaisk, the Prosecutor General of Ukraine indicated that as a result, 366 Ukrainian soldiers were killed and 429 were injured. The department called the main reason for the defeat of the Ukrainian army the invasion of Russian units on the country's territory. In August 2018, the Armed Forces of Ukraine declared that during the battles near Ilovaisk, about 300 soldiers of the armed forces of the unrecognized Donetsk People's Republic (DPR), as well as more than 200 military men of the Russian army, were killed.

The Russian authorities have repeatedly denied the participation of parts of the Russian army in the Ukrainian conflict. The absence of regular Russian troops in Ukraine, in particular, was announced by President Vladimir Putin.