OREANDA-NEWS. British Ambassador to the United States Karen Pearce said in an interview with Bloomberg that she would not like Russia and China to emerge victorious from the coronavirus pandemic.

The publication quotes the British ambassador: "We do not want to wake up one day and discover Chinese standards in areas such as artificial intelligence and cybernetics. The second big challenge is strategic competition from Moscow and Beijing."

In her opinion, it is dangerous that China can become the leader of future technological development in these areas. The diplomat compared this situation to the proliferation of nuclear technology in the 1950s.

According to Karen Pearce, China's development is "too authoritarian" and new technologies should benefit the existing "open markets". For these reasons, she added, the US and UK need to "get it right" so that "open societies" thrive and can "face strategic challenges from China and Russia" after the pandemic.

While the situation with coronavirus infection in the United States and Great Britain remains extremely tense, as a result of which, since Thursday evening, the third lockdown has been introduced in England, which can be compared in severity with the first, the situation in China remains stable. There are no cases of mass infection in the country, and small outbreaks of infection are quickly extinguished with the help of targeted quarantine measures, mass testing of risk groups and large-scale tracking of the movement of citizens. China managed to cope with the epidemic thanks to the disciplined approach of the state and citizens of the country to the problem.