OREANDA-NEWS British Naval Forces will remain permanently in the Arctic Circle to counter Russia's strategic advantage over new trade routes. New routes in the Arctic are opening up as a result of melting ice. This information is reported by the newspaper The Times.

A British frigate will join the multinational task force in the Barents Sea in the coming months. This comes amid fears that climate change could lead to Moscow gaining control over the polar regions. London also fears that Russia and China could take advantage of the new sea routes that are emerging beyond the Arctic Circle as the ice melts.

The UK believes that global prosperity depends on trade, and if trade routes open up, the country needs to make sure that trade routes remain open and not controlled by just one or two countries.

In September 2020, two British Typhoon fighters and the Sutherland frigate, as The Times recalls, were sent to the Arctic Circle to demonstrate the NATO countries' commitment to free navigation in the region.