OREANDA-NEWSBritish Prime Minister Boris Johnson ordered quarantine in the country for at least three weeks. This was announced by the head of government on Monday evening on the BBC Broadcasting Corporation.

As Johnson explained, the inhabitants of the kingdom will be able to go to stores for the most necessary goods, and this should be done as rarely as possible. Once a day, you are allowed to leave the house to play sports in the fresh air. It's forbidden to gather in groups of more than two people, if we are not talking about people living together.

"It's allowed to leave home for any medical reason to provide medical care or help vulnerable people; for traveling to and from work, but only when it's absolutely necessary and work cannot be done from home", the prime minister said.

Compliance with government regulations will be monitored by the police. In the near future, a law should be adopted in the country, which will give it additional powers and will provide for fines for violation of quarantine. The authorities ordered the immediate closure of all stores that do not sell essential goods.