OREANDA-NEWSThe Central Election Commission of Belarus has sent invitations to its colleagues in Russia, Ukraine and a number of other post-Soviet states to take part in the international observation of the parliamentary elections to be held on November 17. This was reported to reporters on Tuesday by the chairman of the CEC Lidia Yermoshina. "Yes, we sent invitations to our colleagues. These are, in fact, the countries of the former Soviet Union, except Estonia, Lithuania, as well as the World Association of Electoral Organizers, which is based in South Korea", the head of the CEC of the republic noted.

Yarmoshyna said that the CEC of Belarus is ready to accept constructive comments on the parliamentary elections from the OSCE Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights. “We will accept reasonable criticism for execution, we will respond to biased criticism with certain letters, objections. This is normal international practice”, the head of the Belarusian CEC noted.

She didn't comment on the situation connected with the current warming of relations between Belarus and the West and its influence on the future assessment of parliamentary elections by Western observers. "The chairman of the central commission should not give an assessment of such phenomena from the point of view of large international geopolitics. Therefore, I will refrain", Yermoshina said, answering a question from the Russian media.

The head of the CEC said that the Central Election Commission has not yet received from the OSCE notifications of the direction of its observers to the elections in Belarus. "Therefore, at the moment we have accredited more than 50 observers from the CIS - the only international observers", Yermoshina said. "From PACE, we received a preliminary signal that the mission will be short-term", said the head of the CEC of Belarus.