OREANDA-NEWS  Chadian President Idris Deby died of front-line injuries in clashes with insurgents. This information is reported by France Press.

The media report that a transitional military council has been created in the country, headed by the son of the head of state, Mukhamat. Deby, 68, arrived in the escalation zone to direct military operations, according to the agency. However, in the collisions, he was seriously injured and died in hospital. General Azem Bermandoa Aguna reported the sad news on the air of the local TV channel.

On April 11, gunmen attacked Chad from military bases in Libya. During the clashes last week, up to 300 militants were eliminated.

Deby has ruled the country since December 1990. A two-week national mourning has been declared in Chad, and a curfew has been imposed from 18:00 to 5:00.