OREANDA-NEWSThe National Health Commission of China, which had previously reported that 1,380 people died from the coronavirus on the mainland, excluded information about 108 new deaths in Hubei Province. Data on the number of deaths were calculated twice, the commission said. This is also written by a Chinese newspaper.

On the eve of February 13, the Chinese authorities reported a sharp increase in the number of deaths from coronavirus, over a day their number was 250 people. The total number of dead then amounted to 1369 people. The increase in deaths was due to death data in Hubei province in China. This growth of the region’s authorities was explained by the fact that they switched to a new diagnostic technique. However, on February 14, Chinese authorities reported that the total death toll was only 1,380 people.

According to the Chinese authorities, the number of confirmed cases of infection reached 63 851, having increased by 5 thousand per day. 6723 people recovered, 10 204 are in serious condition, another 177 thousand who were in contact with the sick are under medical supervision. The World Health Organization (WHO) reported 46,997 infected people (in mainland China - 46550). Outside of the PRC, 447 cases of the disease were recorded.