OREANDA-NEWS China will retaliate against the US if Washington imposes 10 percent duties on the remaining Chinese imports. This was reported by Reuters, citing a statement by an official representative of the Chinese Foreign Ministry.

During a daily press briefing, she said that China does not want a trade war, but is not afraid of a battle with the United States.

Another round of tension in relations between the United States and China occurred on August 1, when US President Donald Trump announced his intention to introduce an additional 10 percent duty on goods from China from September 1. They will touch $ 300 billion worth of Chinese goods — that is, all the remaining imports from this country.

A statement followed the failure of the 12th round of trade negotiations between Washington and Beijing. The meeting was held in Shanghai on July 30-31 and ended to no avail. Since the last escalation of relations between the two countries in May of this year, when they mutually increased import duties, the positions of Washington and Beijing on trade issues have only diverged more.