OREANDA-NEWS NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg has been incessantly inflating the theory of the "Chinese threat" and adheres to double standards lately, Beijing calls on the head of the alliance to stop slandering China, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin said at a briefing on Thursday.

Earlier, Stoltenberg, speaking at the international economic forum in Davos, said that certain restrictions in trade and economic relations with Russia and China meet the security interests of the West; according to him, freedom is more important than free trade, and the protection of common values is more important than protecting one's own benefits.

He also noted that Russia and China have authoritarian regimes."For some time now, the NATO Secretary General has been continuously baselessly criticizing and carrying out slanderous attacks on China, challenging China's political system, domestic and foreign policy, as well as inflating the so—called Chinese threat theory, China strongly condemns and resolutely opposes this," the diplomat said.