OREANDA-NEWSChina, as before, sees no reason to hold talks with Russia and China on arms control and is not going to take part in them. This was stated on Tuesday at a briefing by the official representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the People’s Republic of China Gen Shuang.

Earlier, US President Donald Trump said that the United States wants to conclude a new arms control agreement with Russia, China, and possibly several other countries. "Our position on this issue remains clear and precise: trilateral negotiations have no basis and we won't take part in them", the diplomat said.

Geng Shuang also wondered about the true purpose of the United States' attempts to engage China in negotiations. "The US is insisting that China join the arms control negotiations", said Geng Shuang. Why do they need it: do they want to lower their nuclear capabilities to those of China? Or do they want to raise the level of Chinese capabilities to the level that have it yourself?". "The United States has a special responsibility to reduce nuclear weapons, and they should work with Russia to reduce their nuclear arsenals", he added.