OREANDA-NEWSThe Chinese authorities are confident that the epidemic of the new coronavirus will soon be defeated, and normal life in most regions of the country will be restored before the end of February. A vaccine has already been developed that previously allows the formation of immunity, it needs to be further developed and tested additionally, Chinese Ambassador to China Zhang Hanhui told reporters on Monday.

"In China, there is confidence that we will soon win a final victory over this epidemic", the ambassador said. In addition to the epidemic center in most provinces and cities, normal order will be restored by the end of this month. Of course, in the center of the epidemic, I think this the moment will come later - somewhere during March".

According to the diplomat, the vaccine developed in China has already managed to demonstrate effectiveness, but additional tests are required. "Our scientists have already given a three-dimensional description of the coronavirus - this is a very good basis for developing a vaccine. In China, they have already developed a vaccine that shows immunity. But these are preliminary results, it takes more time for further experiments and further development of the vaccine", Zhang Hanhui explained.