OREANDA-NEWS. On November 19, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi said in an interview with the pan-Arab newspaper Asharq Al-Awsat that the Chinese authorities consider the policy of increasing pressure on China by the administration of US President Donald Trump to be unproductive and useless. China hopes for a positive change in their attitude, and looks forward to an improvement in the US-China relationship.

This one-sided hegemonic thinking by President Trump runs counter to the founding principles of international relations, according to an interview cited on the website of the Chinese foreign policy. US pressure on China has proven unpopular, and there is no future for this strategy. The Chinese side sincerely hopes that the United States will once again begin to rationally assess the situation, strive for cooperation with the PRC, and take an objective and fair position towards Beijing and other emerging market economies.

According to the Chinese Foreign Minister, the deterioration in Sino-US relations in recent years has been solely due to the "cold war mindset" that the US authorities constantly demonstrate.

At the same time, the Chinese Foreign Ministry said, represented by the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the republic, that China is striving to unite its efforts with Russia and develop a Russian-Chinese partnership to combat one-sided politics, global hegemony and protectionism of some countries that threaten the international order.