OREANDA-NEWS  The Ukrainian authorities intend to nationalize the Motor Sich plant. This action on the part of Ukraine will help Skyrizon Aircraft Holdings defend its investments and property rights in courts. This information is reported by the owner of the company Wang Jing.

According to Wang Jing, Skyrizon prepared for a real war with Ukraine. Several lawsuits have already been filed in Chinese, Ukrainian and international courts, and their number will soon increase.

Wang Jing stressed that any actions or intentions of the Ukrainian side will be used as evidence or subject of legal proceedings. Judicial and law enforcement agencies will be engaged in their assessment. Skyrizon and its transaction partners are prepared for any public scrutiny and due diligence.

China started buying a Ukrainian enterprise in 2016. China currently owns 75 percent of the shares, but the deal has not been formalized. The Ukrainian security service suspected that the purpose of the deal was not the development of the plant, but the export of technologies and the organization of production in China. As part of the criminal case, the Chinese share was arrested.

In January, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy imposed three-year sanctions on a number of Chinese companies that were involved in the deal, including Wang Jing. They are prohibited from withdrawing capital from Ukraine, as well as any transactions with their securities.