OREANDA-NEWSCouncil of Europe Human Rights Commissioner Dunja Mijatovic is alarmed by the growth of offenses related to interethnic and interreligious hostility. This is stated in the report of Miyatovich for 2019, published on Tuesday on the CE website.

According to the human rights activist, last year in Europe continued to increase the problems caused by the violation of standards and principles of human rights. “Anti-Semitism, Islamophobia and anti-Gypsyism have reached an alarming level”, Miyatovic emphasized. “Cases of desecration of cemeteries, attacks on people wearing religious symbols, attacks on places of worship were repeated in several European countries. Crimes against Roma were also recorded”, she stated.

Separately, in the report Miyatovich dwelled on the migration issue. She expressed concern about the actions of several European countries in relation to migrants and asylum seekers. “In some Council of Europe member states, serious humanitarian crises related to the conditions for receiving migrants may worsen”, the human rights activist warned.