OREANDA-NEWSIn the US Congress introduced a bill to amend the law on national defense (NDAA), providing for a ban on the financing of a military strike on Iran without prior approval by the legislature, writes the American media. 

The document was prepared by congressmen Roh Hannah and Matt Goetz. According to their proposal, the financing of military operations against Iran will be blocked until the Congress declares war on Tehran or issues its permission. According to Hannah, US President Donald Trump was already a few minutes from the outbreak of the war in the Middle East, which would have cost Washington trillions of dollars. The point is that Trump canceled an airstrike on Iranian facilities in response to an American drone shot down by Tehran.

“President Trump campaigned to end costly wars abroad, but given the advisers he chose and his recent risky actions, he does not fulfill this promise”, added Goetz, co-author of the bill. Earlier, the US president told the media that, if necessary, it would be possible to strike Iran without the consent of the legislators, but it would be preferable to get the permission of the congress.

For such statements, the Iranian president called the White House mentally retarded, and the Donald Trump administration was mired in hopelessness. The reason for the sharp rise in tensions between Washington and Tehran was the incident with the American drone. This happened last week in the south of the Islamic Republic. Iranian military pointed out that the American UAV flew into Iranian airspace and was shot down over the territory of the republic. Washington, in turn, insists that the drone was in international airspace at the time of the attack.