OREANDA-NEWS. Irish fighter Conor McGregor announced a return to professional speeches nine days after completing a career. “I want to continue to move forward with my fans from different religions and parts of the world. All religions challenge us to become the best version of ourselves. This is one world, and it is for everyone. See you in Octagon, ”he wrote on Twitter.

Recall that earlier the Irishman published a photo of Habib’s wife wearing a hijab, calling it a “towel,” but later deleted the tweet. Nurmagomedov, in response to McGregor's words, called him a rapist and published his photo with a girl who had previously demanded that Conor recognize the fatherhood of her daughter.

Conor already called the Russians "a rat," to which Habib reacted with unchanged calm. In response, he merely recalled that the Irishman lost his honor, losing to him in October, and now McGregor will have to live with it.

The other day, Nurmagomedov, commenting on McGregor’s decision to end his career, suggested that it was more like a self-PR in order to put pressure on the Absolute Fighting Championship (UFC) and get hold of a new contract. It seems that Habib’s words are not far from the truth: had Conor really decided to leave, he would probably have calmed down and would take up his own business closely - whiskey production. But the ongoing verbal attacks on the Russians are forced to conclude that in fact MacGregor is still eager for revenge and is ready at any time to announce the return to the octagon.

In 2018, rivals have already met in the Octagon. Then Nurmagomedov won with the help of a suffocating device, and after the battle ended in the hall a scuffle began.

Conor McGregor announced his retirement in mixed martial arts on March 26th.