OREANDA-NEWS. The evacuation of Western diplomats and their families from Ukraine is a hysteria build-up. This was stated by First Deputy Chairman of the Federation Council Committee on Foreign Affairs Vladimir Jabarov.

"I believe that this [evacuation of Western diplomats] is a hysteria build-up. Because, on the one hand, all Western powers are saying: war, war... Ukraine itself says: there is nothing, everything is calm. On the other hand, they want a conflict between Russia and Ukraine very much,"- Dzhabarov said.

In the senator's opinion, information about the allegedly planned invasion is "deliberately dumped" to create a nervous environment. "They [Ukraine] are being tipped off by the Americans, the British, and in a difficult moment they will run away and leave them to their fate,"- he said.

Sergei Tsekov, a member of the Federation Council's international affairs committee, also believes that the evacuation of Western diplomats from Ukraine is done to inflame the situation.

"A lot of contradictory statements are being made. Recently, they said that there were no signs of a threat of invasion on the territory of Ukraine and that they did not see any special activation. They [Ukrainians] themselves lament the statements made by Western countries, especially regarding the evacuation of Western diplomats. And the US military made statements that they do not see any offensive, anything serious in Russia's actions towards Ukraine,"- the senator said.

According to Tsekov, the situation is being escalated and "great nervousness is being created", primarily in European countries and in Ukraine itself.