OREANDA-NEWSThe crisis headquarters of the Ministry of Health of Croatia in connection with the rapid spread of a new type of coronavirus, including in Europe, decided to tighten control at the border with Italy in order to timely detect cases of penetration of the disease into the republic. This was reported by the Croatian state news agency.

The border control regime of special control provides for a thorough examination of citizens arriving primarily from the Italian regions of Veneto and Lombardy, as well as tourists who have visited China and South Korea, for possible symptoms indicating their infection with coronavirus. “The crisis headquarters has two goals: to prevent the spread of the disease into Croatia and, if the disease still enters the territory of the country, then isolate the infected and all who contacted them as soon as possible in order to quickly counteract the spread of the disease in the country”, the minister said Croatia Health Willy Berosh.

As part of the measures taken, the Croatian border police will interview all citizens arriving from neighboring Italy and other countries where the spread of the disease is noted, and find out where they left and where they are sent, as well as their health status. It's planned to use infrared thermometers to check body temperature.