OREANDA-NEWS. EMERCOM employees stopped trying to extinguish the mothballed oil well in the Nogai region of Dagestan, which has been burning for six days. The decision to stop trying to extinguish it was made due to the lack of water, which is still difficult to deliver to the site. Extinguishing was extremely complicated by the lack of water sources in the immediate vicinity of the emergency site

Mothballed well No. 7 of the Kapievskoye field, located 17 kilometers from the Kumbatar settlement, caught fire on the evening of October 21. For six days, firefighters selflessly fought the fire, but today the operational headquarters decided to stop firefighting work.

The republican department of the Ministry of Emergency Situations said that taking into account the content in the fluid of up to 70-80% of water and a further increase in the percentage of water content, as well as a decrease in the pressure at the wellhead, at which it is possible to continue work, at the moment it was decided to leave the well in a burning state.

The experts came to the conclusion that further fire fighting could lead to serious environmental consequences, and therefore they decided to leave the well in a burning state until the formation pressure decreases. How long the former oil field will burn, the department did not specify.