OREANDA-NEWSDanish politicians regarded the message about US President Donald Trump's interest in buying Greenland - autonomy within the kingdom - as an implausible joke. Ex-members of the Danish government outlined their position on Friday on their Twitter pages.

"It must be an April Fools' joke - but not at all in season!" - wrote the former Prime Minister Lars Löcke Rasmussen. "Trump is buying Greenland ?! I hope this is a joke, but otherwise a terrible thought with the risk of militarizing Greenland and less independence for the Greenland people - besides a big loss for Denmark", said former Foreign Minister Martin Lidegor. The ministry noted that they are confident in the preservation of all their hectares of land.

As the American newspaper reported on Thursday, Trump, who will pay an official visit to Denmark on September 2-3, in conversations with his assistants, was interested in whether the United States should try to buy Greenland. As follows from the publication, “some of his advisers supported the idea”, they said that this step could be economically feasible. Other representatives of the circle of the American leader expressed confidence that such an initiative could never have been successful. According to the newspaper, in the light of Trump's questions, his advisers discussed, in particular, whether Washington, through the acquisition of Greenland, could "expand its military presence in the Arctic".

As stated in the material, trump last year drew the attention of his close associates to the fact that Denmark was allegedly experiencing financial difficulties due to the fact that Greenland was part of the kingdom. The American leader then also asked the advisers if they believed that Washington should try to acquire this territory.