OREANDA-NEWS. Sergey Ryabkov, Deputy Foreign Minister of Russia, and Elliott Abrams, US Special Envoy for Venezuela, will hold consultations on the situation in Venezuela on March 19. Consultations will take place in Rome. Russian political scientist Nikolay Topornin says about “difficulties” in the consultations.

Sergey Ryabkov, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister, today, on 19th of March, will hold consultations on the situation in Venezuela with Elliott Abrams, US Special Envoy for Venezuela.

Talks regarding situation in the Latin American country are happening between Washington and Moscow for the first time. Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaido is recognized by the US as interim president of Bolivarian Republic, while Russian Federation is in favour of the current government headed by the President Nicolas Maduro. When the United States proposed talks on Venezuelan situation, Moscow announced about its readiness to do so only under condition of observation of the UN Charter principles and the norms of international law.

Sergey Ryabkov told Russian media that he was going to warn the US’ representatives against any possible military interference or any forms of pressurizing the legitimate authorities in Venezuela. Moscow also hopes to urge the US authorities help in facilitating the republic internal dialogue.

Associate professor of MGIMO (Moscow State Institute of International Relations) Nikolay Topornin in the interview to Russian newspaper “Economy Today” said the talks would be “extremely difficult”, because the positions of the two countries are diametrically opposite. According to the political analyst, the US’ recognition of Juan Guaido (who, before declaring himself the interim president of Venezuela, held talks with the US administration), contrary to the norms of international law, raises serious questions.

An additional argument is the tendency of the United States to spread false news about events in Venezuela, among which media recall the news about the gold of Caracas, which Russian company “Nordwind” allegedly exported from the country, or burning of "humanitarian aid", in which the US accused the legitimate authorities, although almost immediately the world came to know that was done by the followers of Guaido. At the same time, Guaido himself turned into a buffoon that can break through to power only with the military help from the US.

According to Nikolay Topornin, it is not surprising that the consultations between Ryabkov and Abrams are held in Italy, which was the first of the EU to declare that the actions of the US to Venezuela are not constructive. In fact, Italy is supporting the position of Russian Federation, since Rome realizes that the US may try to appoint anyone as president of any country, which will not add stability to the world.