OREANDA-NEWS. Divers talked about the terrifying damage to the Titanic.  This was reported on the website of Atlantic Productions.

 This expedition was the first in 14 years to study the wreckage of a ship with the participation of man.  It included scientists, historians and divers.

 In eight days, they made five dives to the wreckage of the ship, during which pictures were taken in 4K format, and a detailed 3D model of the ship was created.

 It is specified that the right side of the officer’s cabins, where the captain’s cabin was located, was most destroyed on the Titanic.  At this point, the hull began to collapse along with the cabins.

 Researchers note that the Titanic, lying at a depth of about 4 thousand meters, is constantly exposed to destructive corrosion, and also suffers from the effects of deep-water currents and bacteria that feed on metals.  Over the past 14 years, a significant part of the remains of the liner, clearly visible in the shots taken by Cameron, simply disappeared.