OREANDA-NEWS  Former American President Donald Trump spoke about the destruction of the United States due to the policies of the current leader Joe Biden on the country's southern borders. The information is reported by Fox News.

According to Donald Trump, America is facing a catastrophe due to the uncontrolled flow of illegal migrants from the southern borders of the country - from Mexico. Trump stressed that border controls were much more effective under his administration than they are now.

Trump noted that with the arrival of new President Joe Biden, the United States is gradually being destroyed from its southern borders, and it is very painful for him to watch this.

Donald Trump is not the first to criticize Biden's southern border policies. In early March, Arizona's Cochis County Sheriff Mark Daniels said areas along the US-Mexico border had become less safe and more open to criminals since Democrat Joe Biden came to power. He explained that the border special services are not able to fully restrain the influx of illegal migrants, as well as smugglers who smuggle people and drugs across the border.

On February 19, 2021, Washington embarked on the first phase of a program that aims to re-establish safe and orderly paperwork on the country's southwestern border. Within the framework of this program, migrants are assisted with a virtual registration, after which they are allowed to cross the border. At the same time, migrants are now waiting for consideration of their requests and court hearings in the United States, and not Mexico, as it was under Trump.

Joe Biden also stopped funding the construction of the wall on the border with Mexico.