OREANDA-NEWS. Dozens of people were injured as a result of clashes between demonstrators and police on the night of Thursday, February 18. Demonstrations in support of 32-year-old left-wing rapper Pablo Hasel, who was convicted of glorifying terrorism and insulting the monarchy, were held in Madrid, Barcelona and 30 other cities in Spain. Material damage was caused to commercial establishments and the city economy, «DW» correspondent reports.

In the Spanish capital, hundreds of young people gathered in the central square of the Puerta del Sol. According to the press service of the police, they demanded the release of Hasel, shouted insults at the Spanish authorities, and then began throwing stones and bottles at the police. The guards responded with batons, tear gas, and rubber bullets.

Forced out of the square, the demonstrators scattered through the surrounding streets, smashing storefronts and looting shops along the way, setting fire to cars and garbage containers. As a result of the riots, 55 people, including 30 police officers, were injured. Three were hospitalized. 19 people were detained, including 6 minors.

Similar violent protests took place in different cities of Catalonia, where Hasel lived before his detention. In the capital of the region — Barcelona, clashes with the police took place for the second day in a row. The police commissariat was destroyed, and commercial enterprises were looted. 29 people were detained.