South Korea is dependent on the United States when deciding on the resumption of cross-border projects with the DPRK, which did not allow progress in inter-Korean relations in 2019. This is stated in a commentary published on Friday by the information portal of the People’s Republic of Uriminzokkiri.

"The reason why inter-Korean relations have not advanced a single step this year is because South Korea is overly dependent on foreign countries, despite the fact that a good agreement was reached a year earlier", the article says.

It's noted that 2018 was "a year of active change, unprecedented in 70 years of the history of the divided Korean Peninsula". "People are now looking back at 2019 with disappointment and rage, because unlike 2018, progress has not been achieved", the article emphasizes.

According to the authors of the commentary, the main culprit for the stalled inter-Korean talks are the United States, "which aggressively manipulate the two Koreas to force them to yield to their demands and interests, and who are responsible for dividing the nation". DPRK State Council Chairman Kim Jong-un and South Korean President Moon Jae-in held three inter-Korean summits in 2018, following which a joint declaration of cooperation was signed. However, in 2019 no further steps were taken to implement these agreements.