OREANDA-NEWSEstonian Foreign Minister Urmas Reinsalu suggested that the opening of borders between this republic and Russia would not happen in the near future.

“I would be very careful with the promise that this could happen in the near future”, the news portal quoted him as saying on Thursday. “But this does not mean that the transit of goods will not continue. Yes, and people with a permanent residence permit in Estonia who want to come here from Russia, they can do it". According to Reinsalu, from the point of view of Estonian law, citizens of this country could visit Russia. "We didn't forbid this in any way", he argued.

On March 28, Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin signed a government decree temporarily restricting movement across the Russian state border from March 30. On March 13, the Estonian government introduced a state of emergency in connection with the pandemic, it is valid until May 17. On March 17, Estonia regained border control and imposed a ban on the entry of foreigners.

On Wednesday, Latvian Prime Minister Krishjanis Karins announced that the Baltic countries will open internal borders on May 15 for free movement of residents between neighboring states.