OREANDA-NEWS. Defense Minister Kalle Laanet said the military is ready to install a temporary barbed wire fence on the border with Russia to prevent possible hybrid attacks on the EU and NATO borders.

Earlier, the State Security Commission of the Estonian government proposed to strengthen the border with Russia with the help of a temporary barbed wire fence.

According to Laanet, now there are no clear signs that there is any threat on the border between Estonia and Russia, but we need to be prepared for the rapid development of the situation, which is shown by the events on the border of Poland and Lithuania with Belarus.

"We are ready to erect a temporary barbed wire fence with a length of more than 30 kilometers. Since three or four rows are required, then in reality we have a wire for 130 kilometers. I am convinced that this will be implemented very soon," the minister said in the Esimene program on Wednesday stuudio on ETV.

Laanet believes that we need to be prepared for the crisis on the Polish-Belarusian border to drag on, since this is in the interests of both Lukashenka and Putin: could operate with troops on the Ukrainian border, "- said the Minister of Defense.

Recently, Lithuania, Latvia and Poland reported an increase in the number of detained illegal migrants from the Middle East and Africa on the border with Belarus, Minsk was accused of creating a migration crisis. Minsk rejects all charges.