OREANDA-NEWS. NATO is a viable alliance that does a lot for collective defense. Estonian Prime Minister Juri Ratas wrote about this on his Facebook. “The Alliance is viable and functioning both militarily and politically in Europe and beyond. I know this well from meetings with heads of state and government of NATO countries, as well as, for example, from a recent visit to Afghanistan, where our military also serve as part of the mission”, he said. He emphasized that Estonia’s security within the framework of NATO is unambiguously guaranteed, and all possible plans come down to the development of membership in the alliance.

Thus, Ratas responded to the statements of the Minister of his government, Mart Helme. In an interview with the Finnish edition of Iltalehti, the country's Interior Minister said that Estonia needs to prepare “Plan B” together with Latvia and Lithuania to protect the country in the context of confrontation with Russia. “No one knows what will happen next. Therefore, we should have “Plan B”, which, however, does not mean that we think that Russia is occupying Estonia”, he said, noting that now NATO has faced a crisis and its functioning is problematic.