OREANDA-NEWS. As reported by TASS agents, the European Commission (EC) has once again made a statement that Russia and China are interfering in the democratic processes in the European Union.

As Deputy Chairperson of the European Commission Vera Yurova said at a December 3 press conference, "the tendency for Russia and China to interfere in EU affairs is increasing." She believes that EU members "should not remain passive, since for many years they have seen action to intervene from abroad." According to her, the European Commission has determined that the intervention comes mainly from Russia and China.

Earlier, she said that the EC proposes to punish those responsible for "foreign interference" and disinformation. "Sanctions are one of the instruments that the EU should consider," Yurova said.

Now the European Union said that Russia and China were spreading misinformation around the coronavirus pandemic. This is stated in the Action Plan for Democracy, promulgated by the European Commission on Thursday, December 3.

The EU has repeatedly accused Russia of spreading false information, as well as interfering in European elections. Recent accusations from Brussels against Moscow relate to alleged misinformation related to the coronavirus pandemic. As Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said earlier, Russia is already accustomed to the fact that "Western colleagues are increasingly trying to find their unifying motives in fictions about a Russian or some other threat."