OREANDA-NEWS. The Finnish government plans to tighten legislation as part of the fight against the coronavirus epidemic; refusing to undergo testing could face a fine or up to three months in prison.

The corresponding bill was submitted by the Ministry of Social Welfare and Health to Parliament on Friday.

The draft law states that, for example, during the COVID-19 epidemic, a regional government agency may decide on a mandatory medical examination at the country's airport. If a person refuses to undergo a compulsory medical examination, he or she can be fined or imprisoned for up to three months.

The law is expected to be passed by parliament and approved by the president this afternoon and will take effect on 22 February.

Also yesterday, in Cherverg, the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Finland reported that Finland until March 18 extended the restrictions imposed on movement across the border of the country, including with Russia, imposed due to COVID.

Also, opening hours of some border crossing points are limited on the western border (from 15 February) and on the eastern border of Finland (from 19 February). The changes are mainly aimed at the concentration of cross-border traffic in the daytime and evening, and not at night, informs the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

The goal is for all persons crossing the border to be referred for a coronavirus test. Work restrictions do not apply to the transport of goods or cargo, the ministry said.